voice commissions

In order to help me raise money to attend conventions next year, as well as to use towards a few unfortunate financial hardships I've hit recently, I am offering $5 custom, personalized voice messages. This can be a ringtone, a birthday greeting for you or your friend, or just something of your favorite pony telling you how cool you are. You can also request something to use for DJ drops, vocals to splice into songs... the sky's the limit! I'm expecting most people will want some kind of message as their favorite pony, but it doesn't have to be MLP related; it can be related to a videogame or cartoon character, etc. 

How does this differ from the free work I do for a lot of online projects? This is a customized message/soundclip that you do NOT even have to use in a project if you don't want to. After doing a few greetings, ringtones, etc for personal friends of mine, many people have asked for their own, but I simply do not have time to fulfill all these requests on my own free time so I feel this donation incentive will help us both out with something we'd like. :D


1. Send a Paypal donation of $5.00 USD through this link (if it doesn't work, just paypal to dizzyangelxx@gmail.com)
2. Under "instructions to seller", describe your request---the character voice you want, and what you want it to say (having a specific script for your message is really helpful, but if you're totally stuck, let me know!) Please include the e-mail address you would like it delivered to. If for some reason you do not receive your message within 3 days, please send a follow up email.