Due to the large number of projects I've provided voices for over the years, I am unfortunately unable to keep a complete list of everything I have done. Therefore, I am going to use this page to highlight my most memorable roles. You will be able to find a lot more things I have been involved in via my Newgrounds profile.


Skullgirls - Bloody Marie
Castle Crashers - Princesses, Medusa
Luminous Arc 2 - Karen, Elicia
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires - Custom Voice ["Innocent"]
Dynasty Warriors Next - Custom Voice ["Delicate"]
Neverland Card Battles - Refina
Eternal Poison - Marie
AWAY: Shuffle Dungeon - Various NPCs
Jisei / Kansei - Chance
Amea - Amea
Zening - Cammy, Nurse
Trapped / Pursuit / Escape - Dialla
Super Smash Flash - Announcer
Punk-o-Matic 2 - August (Speaking Voice)
Secret Beauty Tammy - Tammy, Claris
Hunters: Relic of Stars - Carina
Echoes - Yuki Nakamura
Fiends from Dream Valley - Twilight, Princess Celestia
Fighting is Magic - Mayor Mare (Announcer)


Metal Gear Awesome - Meryl
Brawl Taunts - Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Samus, Pokemon Trainer
LoZ: Four Swords Misadventures - Zelda
PONY.MOV series - Twilight Sparkle
Bonus Stage (episodes 76+): Elly, June, Sasha, Incidentals
Girl-chan in Paradise: Girl-chan
Nin10Doh! - Sheik, Cat
$00pah NiN10Doh! - Peach, Amanda
Capture the Flag - Amy
Ignorance is Bliss - Peach
XIN - Silvia
Taco-Man the Game Master - Princess Polygon
Hacker Mind - Elodie
C. Crashing a Wedding - Princess
Sailor Pokemoon - Ash Ketchum, Serena
Resident Evil Pwanchi - Jill
Street Fighter Collab - Sakura [Zangief segments], Chun-Li [hidden segment w/ Balrog]
Aeris Dies - Aeris
VG Exiles 3 - Jill
Pico: The After Years - Nene
Pokepunk - Lauren
Bagpipe of Doom - Navi
Gamer Kids - Kandi
Captain Falcon's Checkup - Receptionist
Resident Merchant - Ashley
Newgrounds Metal Gear Collab - Meryl
Zelda UO - Zelda